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PanOceania: Father-Knights (Spitfire)
WE: Chaos Renegade Sister with Scythe and Gun
Haqqassin: Bashi Bazouks (Combi Rifle, E/Mauler)
Combined Army: Morat Vanguard Infantry (Hacker)
Relic Knights: Doctrine Academy Guard
ALEPH: Diomedes,  Ekdromoi Officer (Mk12, Nanopulser)
Black Powder: French Indian War - Colonial Settlers
Walking Dead All Out War: Days Gone Bye Expansion
Ariadna: Desperadoes
Batman: Bat Mite - GEN CON 50 Exclusive (LIMITED)
WE: Chaos The Red Prime
Haqqassin: Ahl Fassed (Boarding Shotgun)
Ariadna: Brigadier Jacques Bruant, Sous-officier des Métros (Mol
Haqqassin: Bashi Bazouks (Submachine Gun)
Haqqassin: Al Hawwa’ Unit (Sniper) (1)
Hail Caesar: Celt Druids (4)
ALEPH: Patroclus (EXP CW, Smoke Grenades) (1)
Relic Knights: Black Diamond M8-Blitz Auto-Tank
ALEPH: Ajax the Great
Haqqassin: Daymali Infantry (2)
WE: Greater Good Tau Multipurpose Drones
Haqqassin: Hassasin Govads
ALEPH: Nagas (Multi Sniper / Com Rifle w/ Mono. Mines)
WE: Greater Good Tau Squad Leader Ghost
Walking Dead All Out War: Morgan Booster Expansion
Arcanist: Electric Creation Boxed Set
ALEPH: Ekdromoi (Combi Rifle)
Arcanist: Kaeris Crew Boxed Set
Batman: Arkham Asylum Inmates Blister Packet
Walking Dead All Out War: Andrea, Prison Snipers Booster Expa
WE: Chaos Renegade Sister with Daemon Gun
ALEPH: Danavas Hacker & Karkata Remote Ancillary Unit (2)
Haqqassin: Hassassin
Hail Caesar: Cretan Archers (8)
ALEPH: Nagas (Sniper) (1)
P&S: Imperial Harquebusiers
Walking Dead All Out War: Eeny Meeny Miny Moe...

Sub-Total: $604.78

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